Banned from iSnipe

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Banned from iSnipe

Post by Sho on Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:35 pm

Hello, not sure where to place this post so ill be putting it here. Sorry if its at the wrong spot

My name is Sho and ive been playing in ur iSnipe server for some time. I think i have around 10 visits. But few days ago i joined, and in seconds, i got kicked and banned from the server for no reason. I never cheated or hacked. As far i went to play unfair is by putting macro on my mouse for semi-automatics but even then it ruins my aim. Maybe someone can explain to me why i got banned so suddenly? I remember seeing a BxS clan member in the server when I joined. some of them are mad at me because i caught them hacking, but im not sure it was him and thats another story. Anyway I really enjoy playing iSnipe, so could an admin please look into it why i was banned? And could that be undone? Thx Smile

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